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#SemangatCiee (Keep Spirit) Valentino Rossi

#SemangatCiee (Keep Spirit) Valentino Rossi the words are in my opinion inappropriate to the owner of the motor's number 46. Why not? Of the 18 MotoGP series, the remaining two races to go, namely, Malaysia and Spain. Championship titles no longer possible to be embraced by the Urbino-born racer. For the race at Motegi last, produces Marquez Kampiun 2016. Even last year, Rossi could not earned it.

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Arguably it has been seven seasons there was no name on the trophy MotoGP. Rossi still have #SemangatCiee underwent two final series of the season 2016. As the wheel of life keeps turning, nor with Rossi in MotoGP.

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Undergoing glory days by winning the championship title in all classes. From whose name the champion of the 125cc (1997), 250 cc (1999) to the MotoGP championship 7 times (2001: 500cc, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009) Rossi totally dominated the MotoGP and the title of The Doctor decent pinned him. Yes, the time period that the wheels are above him. Now, the wheels were under. Rossi really should #SemangatCiee if you want to stay and survive in the mat mounts two tires. When taste #SemangatCiee no more to him, if the pension be out? I have no idea.

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In my opinion, Rossi could have retired. But it would be nice if it happens when the pension earned the title of champion. For retracing the MotoGP riders who retire, often end his racing career at the moment is no longer a champion. For example only: Kevin Schwantz, Colin Edwards, Loris Capirossi, Alex Barros and Max Biaggi. Everyone, back again on the choice of Valentino Rossi and may be the best decision. Therefore, it remains for you #SemangatCiee Rossi. Champion or not, you're still a living legend MotoGP. #SemangatCiee Valentino Rossi. I miss you becoming the Moto GP world champion again.