My Poetry : Zero

Fenni Bungsu (Poem) -- Hello, welcome to my first writing. Maybe it still doesn't look neat, because I'm still studying. However, I try to keep writing on this blog as a learning medium so that it can produce a work that is useful for the reader and for me, of course. This is just a poem or poetry about "Zero". Because everything will start from zero. It is impossible to suddenly become a number such as one, three, nine, two hundred, five million, and so on. Or is it possible that it won't start from "zero"? Check out the following short poems.


Actually started from scratch that does not understand anything

Do not understand because they do not know
Do not understand because no one knows love
Do not understand because the new idea
Do not understand that eventually will like it

From zero as well , trying to learn
learn to understand the curiosity
learn to understand because the notified
learn to understand in order to know
learn to understand if it turns out like that

Finally zero too, who becomes an end
already understand because already know
already understand because many are told
already understood as an end like that
already understand because it will go back to zero again .


From a poem, sometimes we can interpret life. Although sometimes it takes deep thought and appreciation so that the essence of the content of the poem can be absorbed and emulated well. So from that I was inspired by a number of these figures, either at that time just thought about the number zero. Of the "zero" numbers, there are certainly many things we learn. It even becomes an input or idea that we always remember that without "zero" how we can find out the existence of small and large numbers.

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Not only that, without "zero" we cannot form scores of tens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, billions, even trillions. How, do you understand "zero"? Well if you have poetry or want to share about poetry, you can comment on the available columns, so you can add insight into poetry. Please.

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